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we will hear from the man's wife tonight. i'm doreen gentzler. president obama went west. the president says now is the time to fix broken immigration laws. he says congress is showing a desire to get a dealdone. nbc's leanne gregg joins us from las vegas with more on the propose am. >> reporter: a lot of optimism from the president. the november elections motivated not only democrats but republicans to work towards what's been a bitterly divided issue. the push is on as president obama calls for quick passage of immigration reform. >> we can't allow immigration reform to get bogged down in an endless debate. we have been debate thing a very long time. >> a golden ticket to life for a better life for my family. >> reporter: choosing nevada to unveil his plan where latinos make up close to 30% of the population, proposal includes a path to citizenship. >> if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i
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will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away. >> reporter: undocumented immigrants would have to register with the federal government and pay bonds and back taxes, undergo background checks but not before increased border security can be proven. illegal immigrants would receive green cards only after every lawful applicant has gone lou the process we shouldn't be rewarding those who violate the law. >> reporter: the president's re-election with 70% of the latino vote has resulted in a shift towards compromise. but some who watch the speech feel the president did not have enough specifics. >> he didn't specify how long he would take. what we want is we want a clear, human path towards legalization that's less than five years, five years at most. >> reporter: many americans remain deeply divided on the plan while some republicans on capitol hill warn about a partisan approach. >> if this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest, quickest and cheapest pathway to green
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card possible, this thing is not going to go well, folks. >> reporter: back in nevada another step in the road to reform laws most agree are broken. passage of legislation is not a given. the bipartisan senate group said it hopes to be ready for a vote by spring or early summer. from las vegas i'm leanne gregg, news4. president's speech getting an enthusiastic reception if langley park. many of the spectators told news4 that they were pleased the president's plan included a path towards citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people in the country. >> we will keep mobilizing hundreds of people, april 10. we are hoping 500 how thousand people will come to the national mall and just keep pushing for a comprehensive immigration ref m reform. there is -- that's the president, once again, before his speech in nevada today where
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he announced his plans for immigration reform. there's breaking news tonight. would trials, two guilty verdicts. anne arundel county executive john leopold accused of misconduct and former culpeper, virginia, police officer daniel harmon-wright. accused of murder. we begin with a guilty verdict for harmon-wright. >> reporter: it took jury nine hours to reach their verdict. it came shortly after 4:00 today and the defendant, daniel harmon-wright sat emotionless. his wife was in tears. one of the jurors also crying. 30 minutes later harmon-wright was escorted in handcuffs to the jail. jury of eight women and four men convicted him of voluntary manslaughter. he was also found guilty of two other charges, involuntary man slaughter and unlawfully shooting into a motor vehicle. it steps from an incident at a catholic school where he shot
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and killed patricia cook. harmon-wright pep pled self-defense. the jury didn't believe. >> it it is important for the court to send a message. in this case, i felt like it was unjustified from the very beginning. the only question was what grade of mom side was it. i'm going the ask the court for a significant penalty to reinforce the message had was wrong. >> reporter: patricia cook's brother feels justice was served. >> i don't want anything to happen to the son as a negative side of this or his wife. i hope the churches in the area administer to them and it is going to be difficult. it has been difficult for us. >> reporter: no comment from harmon-wright's family or his attorney after the verdict was read. the punishment phase will get under way tomorrow afternoon. if could vicked harmon-wright could get up to 25 years in prison. in culpeper, david culver, news4. to the verdict in another high-profile trial. late had afternoon a maryland
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judge found anne arundel county executive john leopold guilty on two of three misconduct charges. chris gordon joins from us the courthouse where he just heard from leopold. >> reporter: good evening. this was a bench trial which means there was no jury. it was heard by judge dennis sweeney. this evening, he rendered his verdict. john leopold, anne arundel county executive, guilty of two counts of misconduct of office. he found him not guilty on two other counts. this evening, john leopold reacted to the guilty verdict on news4 just about a half an hour ago. here is what he had to say. do you have anything to say? >> humbled by the decision. >> reporter: what will you do next? will you resign?
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>> we will be considering all of the options over the next few weeks. >> reporter: in closing arguments state prosecutors accused anne arundel county executive leopold of willfully abusing his authority. by using his police protective detail to put up his campaign signs, collect campaign funds, and stand lookout while he had sex in public parking lots. clean his catheter bag. carol snowden is suing leopold in a separate case for keeping a file on him. >> reporter: >> this case shows no man is above the law. what the courts reaffirmed is something that has been going on important the last 40 years which is that when public officials, elected officials, engage in using police officers for political purposes, it is not only wrong, it is crimin. >> reporter: leopold's defense counsel argued some of his behaviors are not what you would want in an elected official but it is not criminal. would women suing leopold for sexual harassment have been watching the trial from the start.
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>> i'm happy. at least it is two counts. i would have liked automatic four counts but i feel like this was a vindication important the citizens, taxpayers, of anne arundel county. i think that mr. leopold should resign immediately. >> reporter: >> emergency meeting called for tomorrow at 3:00. and that will be simply a quick meeting to introduce a bill that will be heard and voted on on monday evening at the regular legislative meet. >> remove the county executive. >> reporter: that takes a seven-member vote? >> correct. five members of the anne arundel county council to remove. >> reporter: are you voteding to remove? >> i will be voting to remove, yes. big news from capitol hill is the senate vote to make john kerry the next secretary of state. his confirmation process was relatively easy but the job ahead will be anything but. danielle leigh with a growing list of concerns. >> reporter: good evening. senator john kerry sailed
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through the confirmation process. it was voted against by three republicans. soon things could get tougher as he takes on the global concerns associated with being secretary of state. >> the ayes are 94. the nays are 3. >> reporter: senate overerwhelmingly confirmed john kerry as secretary of state this afternoon. >> that's good for our nation. as he goes out across the world representing us, for people to understand this is some the one that received overwhelming support from the united states senate. >> reporter: earlier kerry was greeted by cheers. it is a committee he led the past four years. >> first of all, you had a -- lightning-speed approval of the committee unanimously. >> reporter: kerry says he hopes the approval is part of the greater bipartisanship. >> there is so much on plate.
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we need to find a way to work together. i hope this is a symbol people are really prepared to do that. >> reporter: outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton recognized a deep divisions in congress have hurt progress. >> you can't let compromise become a dirt write word because then you veer towards fanaticism. >> reporter: she laid out the complicated map kerry would navigate. security challenges in north africa and the middle east. departmental changes in response to that deadly terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. >> every day a mixture of trying to end crises, help people be smart about using the tools of american diplomacy. >> reporter: kerry's colleagues say he is ready for the challenges. >> respect his work in the senate, his knowledge and backgrou background. >> reporter: kerry will get the top diplomatic job he wanted for years. kerry is set to be confirmed friday. as important clinton she is still not discussing her plans for the 2016 election. but she did say she will write a
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memoir as soon as she steps down. reporting live on capitol hill, danielle leigh, news4. we turn to the weather now. oh, my goodness, what a day we had today. like a wonderful promenade through a springtime garden. lovely out there. doug, what do you think, man? >> so poetic. >> that was fantastic, vince. i wish you could do that every night as you talk the weather. it was simply gorgeous out there. it really was. temperatures tonight nearly 70 degrees across portions of the area and many of you made your way into the low to mid 70s. look at the mum mouse. 59 in washington. 69 in fredericksburg. 64 in leesburg. remember, the average high, 44 degrees. we are still well above that by 15 to 20 degrees. through the rest of the evening hours, temperatures dropping into the 50s but that's where we will stay, i think, almost all fly long and if not all my long, it is going to be a very warm might tonight. we are not going to see rain tonight but the rain, it is
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moving in right now. whatever you are taking tomorrow the severe storms out to the west, they will be moving our way. the promenade in the park not a good idea late tomorrow night. more about that coming up. to save millions or to spend it? d.c. leaders are trying to decide what to do with extra money from last year's budget. good problem to have. today the city announce ad $417 million surplus from 2012. that brings the fund balance for the district to $1.5 billion. surplus is due in part to business and sales taxes as well as underspending. some are pushing for the city to use the money on social services. mayor vincent gray believes the money should be saved. >> we believe that the surplus in part is an affirmation of our strategies, that they are working, that they show we are one of the nation's most financially sound jurisdictions,
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if not the most. >> about $50 million of the surplus came from one d.c. resident. it was from an estate tax. 11 people, including some children, were injured in a chain reaction crash today. four cars were involved in the crash on new york avenue this morning. four people taken to hospitals. eastbound lanes of the road were closed down for hours. all the lanes on new york avenue now are back open. still ahead inside the nightclub where hundreds were killed. new information that contributed on the mass chaos in brazil. soldier lost both arms and both legs in iraq. he's received a double-arm transplant at johns hopkins university. tonight we will hear from him and his mom. twinkie craze can soon make a comeback. details on who wants to buy the treat from hostess. >> reporter: all the big guns in news today. randy moss making kind of crazy statements. ray lewis facing some serious
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allegations. lot, lot more. super bowl media
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mitt police believe a car could be key to solving a murder mystery in glenarden, maryland. a body of 48-year-old keith
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watson was found yesterday inside of a business he owned. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins talked to watson's wife today and she's live in glenarden with more on the investigation. >> reporter: his wife tells me that he always came here to the shop at 8:00 a.m., 8:30. most likely in there working for three, four hours before he was killed. she also believes that whoever did this most likely knew her husband. meanwhile, prince george's county police are looking for his vehicle and hopefully the suspect. >> never thought it would end up something like this. >> reporter: watson is mourning the loss of her husband, keith watson. the two raised lee children together and were looking forward to an anniversary in a month. >> married 15 years in march. >> reporter: watson was found shot to death yesterday afternoon just before 1:00 p.m. inside of hisglar ardent auto body repair shop. he owned the store the past five years. >> relatively quiet area but in the last few years, maybe last
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year, a lot of break-ins and robberies and he even had the audi broken into when they stole his laptop and other things out of the trunk. there's been some things going on. >> reporter: watson is saying with our audi's a-6 broken into before is missing. police believe it was stolen after the murder. you believe when you find this car you may find your suspect? >> definitely. that might tie all the piecings together. >> reporter: watson's missing black audi a-6 looks like this one. it has maryland tags 01524ce. >> dethis case is this vehicle. >> reporter: as police search for a suspect and a motive for monday's homicide. his family is left with memories. >> playing dom most. we like playing dom most. yeah. >> reporter: they are now planning to bury a 48-year-old father long before his time. >> i just want to take him home. he wants to be buried in jamaica. i want to get him home. here's what i would like to do. >> reporter: if you are wondering how his wife was able
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to be so strong, she says that it is because she knows that her husband is with his father now. she says that they attended church every sunday and that her husband was saved and she has some faith that he is in good hands. now, prince george's county police are looking at surveillance video and trying to see if they can find my additional clues on the scene. in the meantime, they are asking folks to call them if they see that vehicle. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. ominous warning today following days of deadly protests in egypt. today that country's open military official says the days of strife have that country on the brink of collapse. the protests turned into a riot over the past five days. at least 50 people have been killed and more than a thousand injured. demonstrators are upset with the rule of egyptian president mohammed morsi. they say he's no different than hosni mubarek who was kicked out of office would years ago.
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tonight police in brazil say the band playing at a club in the city in the southern part of the country used a plaflare designed for use outside and not inside. 57 people are still in critical condition from the fire in that nightclub. more than 230 people were killed. four people are now in custody. one of them, the club's owner. >> reporter: behind me, forensic officers are inside the might club. examining the evidence. they have been there for some time. vin been allowed in but i was able to look in through had a doorway. in will you can see chairs strewn about. phone lying on the floor, possibly from the ceiling -- foam on the floor where possibly the foam caught fire. you can see one fire extinguisher. one of the questions here is whether or not the fire extinguishers were working. >> translator: all the bruises he sustained, that's the least
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of it. the worst is the psychological part. sxhis a lot of people's psyches will be forever affected. >> reporter: there are now four people under arrest. reportedly two of the club owners and two band members. claimed that the band set off pyro tech micks and that's what started the fire. the police still working through the evidence to try to establish what happened as the grief in this community turns to anger. today a demonstration is planned that will probably have thousands of people attending. >> the us a railian mi australi planning a massive cleanup effort. rescuers pulled more than a thousand people from flooded homes and cars earlier today. thousands of others evacuated on their own. eastern part of the country is dealing with the worst flooding in recorded history. these are the remnants of the tropical cyclone.
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austral australia. wow. >> getting hit hard this year for sure. >> we, on the other hand, have had one of the loveliest january days ever. >> you have to bo back almost four years to get a day this warm in the month of january. it was extremely warm and as a matter of fact, 20 to 25 degrees above average today. some of you nearly 30 degrees above average. take a look now. beautiful night. if you are thinking about getting out and about tonight, tonight may be the night to do it. it is gorgeous and will continue to be right on lou the rest of the hours. you will not immediate the coat. you may not even need the jackets. just long sleeved shirts. high temperatures today, how about he is numbers? 69 in washington. 72 in manassas. 76 in fredericksburg. 66 towards frederick upon cool spot, an list today. along the chesapeake, temperatures around 52 degrees. spent much of the day in the 40s. most of us saw a spectacular afternoon. 59 degrees. winds out of the south at 10 miles an hour. looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies. that will be the case as we move through the rest of the might tonight. here are the current
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temperatures. still quite warm. 59 in gaithersburg. 67 towards fredericksburg. right now 63 in leesburg and look at patuxent. lot cooler along the water. radar, nothing to show you in our immediate area. all you have to do zoom out and have you thunderstorms up across new york city. you have some big-time thunderstorms back towards the west. including chicago, st. louis, tornado reported just to the north and west of st. louis today. numerous tornado watches around this area. also some snow on the back side. that shows you what is going on. clash of the air masses happening now. very warm air ahead of the system. here's with your we are now. very cold air behind it. that's where we will be on thursday. possible severe storms. area in yellow here, that's an area of slight risk of severe thunderstorms during the evening tomorrow night. that does include the entire viewing area of the d.c. metro area and also way out towards the southwest and most of maryland underneath that severe
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thunderstorm watch. severe thunderstorm potential for the day tomorrow. right around 10:00 tomorrow night, this is what will be happening here. tomorrow evening, this forecast showing the storm moving close to our area. it will be between 8:00 and 11:00 tomorrow night. strong winds, 50 to 60 miles an hour possible. and heavy rain potentially over one inch. something we do not see very often in the month of jang. i think we will see it tomorrow. something else, everybody is going to be on the windy side. strongest winds, hour, will be confined out towards the front range, also out towards the front royal, portions of the shenandoah valley. gusts upwards 506 miles per hour tomorrow. even around the metro area, we are not under an advisory. we can still see winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. here is the next couple of days. 74 tomorrow. especially if we get sunshine. how about 74? 45 on thursday. rather wind write and cold. 38ing on friday as the cold air moves in. 39, saturday. look at the flurry activity on sunday. i think we can see flurries on friday, too. notice cold air moves in after one more warm day.
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we get cold. how about provide? cold air returns. windchill 250 to 30 degree was possible flurries. high of only 38. again, we are going from very warm temperatures to very cold temperatures. we are doing that very, very quickly. get out the coats and keep them out and keep them close. only you may wear shorts outside but have the coats on by late thursday afternoon. that's the kind of weather we are going have. topsy-turvy, crazy side. walk earlier. tomorrow take the walk early in the morning. then tomorrow night get inside quickly before the storm move in. >> you warned us with that big roller coaster graphic we were going to need every possible thing in our wardrobe. >> that's right. we talked about it last week. >> walk in the morning and cuddle at night. >> yeah. that's what i would do. >> sounds like a plan. >> yes. >> thank you, doug. jokes about twinkies lasting forever is taking on new meaning now. hostess, company that made that popular snack cake, until it went bankrupt last year. hostess is nearing a deal n to
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sell off the business. two investment firms are expected to pay more than $400 million important the line of twinkies and other snack cakes. it is not yet a done deal. a judge will have to approve the bids and other companies will be allowed to top those offers. that would be during an zblauks straight ahead on "news4 at 6:00," the third largest soeshal netwo -- social networking site you may have never heard of. we will hear from a family of a teenager that was killed last week after she met a guy she met online. >> live in new orleans. super bowl xlvii. today media day. wild and crazy. we will have all that stuff. also, some serious allegations against ray lewis. speaking as well.
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a bizarre twist in the death of an 87-year-old arlington man. at first it was ruled a terrible accident. now it is being called murder. one of the people arrested, man's own son. pat collins spoke with the struck tim's daughter today. >> reporter: my pear had cancer and only had a few months left.
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all i want ed was up with more thanksgiving and christmas and i was robbed of that. >> reporter: had is the voice of laura wood the daughter of mack wood. mr. wood was 87 years old. last october his body was found inside the home at the foot of his stairs. it looked as if he had fallen to his death. he was discovered by his son, mack wood jr. mack wood jr. ran from the house screaming to get neighbors to call for help. in a surprising development today, arlington police charged mack wood jr. in the murder of his father. when mack leon wood jr. came to the house that saturday morning, discovered his father and came outside, all upset and wanted people to call 911, that whole thing was a lie? >> it was. >> mack wood jr.'s arrest on murder charges, shocking news for his sister.
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>> only thing i can think of is i guess i really never knew my brother. it is like a movie. i feel like i'm on the outside watching this. >> reporter: irene is a neighbor of the wood family. >> hay was so mere death, you know. he had make six months to live. had would be such a tragedy for everyone involved. >> reporter: police say murder suspect mack wood jr. had two accomplices. two men from enrico county. tonight all three men are in custody. so if the son knew that his father only had a pew month -- months to live why would he kill him? what's the motive here? investigators, they are not saying. in arlington, pat collins, news4. would hours ago a former
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police officer in culpeper, virginia, was convicted of manslaughter. a jury found daniel harmon-wright guilty of shooting and killing an unarmed woman. her name was patricia cook. this happened was last february. cook had been reported for trespassing in her jeep. harmon-wright claimed he shot cook in self-defense. the jury also found him guilty on two counts of unlawful shooting. he is facing one to ten years in prison for manslaughter count line. emergency meeting scheduled for tomorrow in anne arundel county to begin efforts to remove the county executive from office. today a judge convicted john leopold of would misdemeanor counts for requiring two county employees to empty his catheter bag. leopold says he is humbled by the outcome of the trial. president obama says the immigration system is broken but he believes it can be fixed. in las vegas today the president made a plan for reform that cluz
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a path towardsy sentship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country. there is a warning tonight about a popular social we can site called tagged. police say that a young maryland woman was killed last week by man she met through the site. news4's jackie bensen talked to the victim's family and expert explains why these sites can be so dangerous. >> i was just trying to download to figure out what it was. i didn't know what it was. >> reporter: sean she talking about hearing from detectives that his beautiful and beloved daughter, 18, met the man suspected of killing her through an iphone app called tagged. >> honestly, she didn't know. >> reporter: tagged is an app originally designed for teens that lets users text each other via the internet. it encourages people to connect or tag lots of people with similar interests in a short time. it claims 80 million registered
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users which would make it one of the largest social networking, sites. it is also subject of a number of internet warnings. her grandmother believes a lapse of judgment. she was found shot to death near 5th and mickol son streets north west last provide morning. her murder plunged her family into a nightmare of pain. >> this is a bad thing. this is a bad thing. it should be controlled. it should not be something out there like had a so you can make these young people victims. they are victims. because had don't know. they don't have a clue. >> reporter: sat special agent in charge of the fbi's washington field office. >> now days having the phones right there, there is transition from facebook to instagram and to other sites and -- more and
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more companies are trying to capitalize on the market because will is a lot of money to be made. >> reporter: buckley, who has denied killing lee. right now the speed limit is 55 miles an hour. many drivers say that is way too slow important that likely traveled wide open road. the state house of del grats is considering a bill that could ray the limit to 70 miles an hour. the state has -- senate, that is, has a bill that would raise the speed limit to 60. there will be public hearings on february 5 and february 7 in annapolis to discuss those changes. tonight drivers in falls church are on notice either obey school bus warning lights or pay a heavy price. the city council voted last might to put video cameras on the outside of the buses. those cameras will be mounted in a way that they will catch drivers who speed around the buses while the buses are
6:35 pm
stopped. if you are caught it could cost you $250. the ticket carries month points. police officers will review the individual row and the tickets before those tickets are sent out. fair packs county is one step closer to eliminating illegal campaign signs that cluttered immediate wrans and public driveways in the past. there will be a public hearing next month to talk about a proceeds postal to allow the county to clean up the signs. previously fairfax county had been barred from removing signs on state controlled roads. this proposal would allow the county to fine offenders on behalf of vdot. a final vote on the measure w come later this year. tonight fairfax county is also look at changes to zoning permit rules important home daycare providers. current state law afor up to 12. county rules only allowed for seven unless provider has a special zoning perfect commit the fee for that permit exceeded a thousand dollars.
6:36 pm
today the county board of supervisor presented to reduce the fee and up to a dozen kids. >> the county will doing everything we can to make sure we are keeping child care providers and that we are making it's easier for new child care providers to come through this system. >> i think we will lose a lot of good day air providers. a lot of pleem not want to go through this process. >> there will be public hearings to talk about the proposal in the coming months. coming up, a soldier showing off his brand-new arms. after a double-arm trance plant. >> living on the edge. latest high wire act. >> take a look at the mums. 69 the high today. d.c., 74 in richmond. numbers going up again tomorrow. then t
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thunderstorms. the first wound warrior to have a double transplant. seventh person in the world to undergo the surgery. doctors tell us lit take time but he's expected to have nearly the full use of those arms and hands to get back to doing things like throwing a football and even driving. >> not taking arms takes so much away from you. >> reporter: it has been nearly power years now since 26-year-old brendan marroco lost both of his arms and both of his
6:40 pm
legs during an explosion in iraq. infantryman had been driving a vehicle during routine raids when the bomb suddenly went off. >> i was still live. that's really all that mattered to me. >> reporter: it has been a rough recovery and never in his wildest dreams did brendan marroco think he would get new set of arms. a team of 16 surgeons at johns hopkins hospital perform ad double arm transplant. >> he has done well from the surgery. the recovery process is not without risks or hard work. >> reporter: right now marroco can lift and rotate his left forearm. that's because he was able to keep his own elbow. he still can't move his right arm which was attached above the elbow joint. he has no feeling or movement in either hand. doctors say the nerf in his new arm will grow eight a rate of one inch per month and will eventually have nearly full use
6:41 pm
of his arms and his hands. >> it feels amazing. it is something i was waiting for for a long time. >> reporter: the doctors trance planted some of the donor's bone marrow. that allows marroco to be on one anti-rejection medication and significantly reduces his risk for infection. his family says her still in disbelief that this procedure was even possible. >> just couldn't stop crying. to touch them to know. i knew they were his arms right away. >> reporter: while hugs aren't an option yet, marroco's mother says she settles for something similar. >> we do this. he puts his fingers up against my pace. >> i feel like i'm getting a second chance to start over after i got hurt. so i'm -- excited, excited for the future and see where i can go with it. >> brendan will undergo six hours of hand therapy every day for the next few years. he says he hopes to complete a marathon using an arm bike. as important that shirt he was
6:42 pm
wearing he was asked about it -- said stay calm chive on. a reference to a website called the collection of funny photos and videos. dedicated to helping those in need. >> incredible. >> inspiring young man. >> remarkable. good for him. dan hellie in new orleans. what's up? >> reporter: i miss you sit right next to me at the super bowl. we could have done some damage in neengz. you know what i mean? >> i do. miss it more than you do. >> reporter: i bet you do. media day today. lot of whackyness going on new orleans. it was not all fun and
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. we started off the week on our monday with a two-hour delay in many locations because of ice problems. temperatures in the upper 20s lower 30s. today we hit mere 70 degrees. what a difference a day makes. sitting at 59. winds out of the south at 10 miles an hour. very mice evening. it is going to con to be so. 62 in rockville and college park. 61 towards camp springs. 63 in reston. warrenton coming in at 64 degrees. very warm day today. i think we will see one more
6:46 pm
warm day and then all bets are off. things will change big time once again. we went way up today. next couple of days we are bogey to go way back down. this is the reason why. not around our region just yet. way back to the west this is the cold front that has snow behind it. out ahead of it looking at severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings and watches and all of that is moving our way and it is going on make its way in here tomorrow might. tomorrow during the day, i think another nice day. more cloud cover but still temperatures getting up to near 07 degrees in most locations. there will be a chance for shower activity during the afternoon. here we are wednesday at 2:00. you can see showers around the region. no thunderstorms just yet. you should be okay to get out and about. here is where the storms move in. 7:00 along the i-81 corridor back towards the mountains, still showers ahead of it. then by 9:00, the storms continue. right through front royal, leesburg, and by 11:00, they are right along the i-95 corridor and including the d.c. metro area. winds potentially 50 to 60 miles an hour. we are going to keep you ahead
6:47 pm
of the storm here from storm center 4. dan, we had a nice day up here. how about the weather in new orleans today? >> reporter: the weather was pretty good until about an hour ago when it decided to start dumpingous. it let up here important a minimum. >> wah. >> reporter: i know, i know. i'm already whining, right? two days into the trip. >> you are breaking my heart. >> reporter: good news is the game was inside. media day in the louisiana superdome behind us, merced mercedes-benz superdome. media day surrounding ray lewis. not just had being his last ride but how he got on the super bowl. apparently there was a "sports illustrated" article that was written that alleges ray lewis took performance enhancing drugs to help recover from a triceps injury. those drugs were contained in deer antler spray that was sold by a company that is run by a former male stripper. you can't make any of this stuff
6:48 pm
up. ray lewis asked about this today as hay sat on the podium at super bowl media day. >> that was a two-year old story that you want me to refresh. i wouldn't give him the credit to even mention his name or his antics in my speeches or my moment. i can't do it. i won't even speak about it. i have been in this business for 17 years. and nobody has ever got up with me every morning and trained with me, every test i have ever took in the nfl, ever -- never been a question that if i have ever even thought about using anything. so it is even -- entertain stupidity like that, tell him to get the story from somebody else. >> reporter: ray lewis actually fielded that pretty write well. first time he was asked that question he said next question. media day is so long it lasts for hours that by the 10th or 11th time he fine glaif us an answer. i don't know if randy moss was specifically asked the question who was the best receiver in nfl
6:49 pm
history but he certainly gave his opinion on that during the 49ers media session today. >> i think now you that i'm older i -- i do think i'm the greatest receiver to ever do it. i don't relive on numbers. i really live on impact and what you are able to do on the field. i really do think that i'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game. >> reporter: strong words from randy moss. why is that so surprising, you ask? because, hey, vince, he's third in the nfl in receiving. but there's one guy ahead of whoym ranks number one on the charts who just might be the best receiver ever. you know who i'm talking about. >> no question about it. i wonder if he ever heard of jerry rice. does had a mean anything to him at all? >> reporter: jerry rice, by the way, 7,000 yards ahead of randy moss. >> humble doesn't cut it media day. >> randy has never been terribly
6:50 pm
humble guy. >> reporter: no. it is the spotlight. that's what it is all about. we did make the rounds a lot of other stuff going on at media day. very colorful as always. a peek at some of the things we saw. >> i figured -- they always answer the questions from the girls with the wedding dress. maybe with a little mask, you will. >> reporter: from masked men to clowns, media day never disappointing at the super bowl. great to catch up with former skins cornerback carlos rogers who used to be moan for dropping interceptions than making pro bowls like he is now. >> my fault i didn't catch the ball. nothing against them. nothing against the organization. you know, somehow i -- 49ers thing clicking in better positions and making plays and that's all on me. nothing to do with the scheme. you know. just out here relaxing.
6:51 pm
and playing football and enjoying it. >> another former redskin soaking this all in as a member of the ravens. >> i'm doing it on my own, videoing on my own, recording everybody, my teammates, those guys getting interviews. once in a lifetime thing. coming to the super bowl. we are enjoying the time being at the super bowl and record everything. >> reporter: don't get yourself in trouble because there's good scenery here at media day. >> no, i definitely will try not to get myself in trouble. make sure you don't get in trouble yourself. >> reporter: how about the slew of local players represented in super bowl xlvii? three 49ers linebackers hailed from the dmv. ahmad brooks from hilton high school. navaro and camp johnson from gonzaga. let's not forget about the former terps that could play a huge role on sunday. san francisco tight end vernon
6:52 pm
davis and ravens wide receiver torrey smith. >> it is a big day for the terps. it will be fun important sunday. >> reporter: have you talked much to vernon since -- >> we texted a couple of times. tweeted. i'm heal for him. did great things for a while. to make to it this game is huge. >> hometown team for me and i'm sure everyone back home is watching. to play against the ravens, it means a lot to me because i -- you know, when i was a kid, it was either the redskins or the ravens. when i think back, you know, i'm just looking at now like wow, i'm playing the ravens. >> reporter: interesting there, vernon davis that went to dunbar high school in d.c., referring to baltimore and the redskins as his hometown team. turning to baseball now. more performance enhancing drug news. this time involving gio gonzalez. connected to bio genesis a company that several major league baseball players have been connected to that sell performance enhancing drugs.
6:53 pm
his name is mentioned in a notebook of the clinic owner, anthony bosch, with reference to muscle building protein. max bon zal ez is a client of bosch who went to the clinic to help him lose weight. he told the new times his son is, as clean as apple pie. gio himself also vehemently denying the report take to twitter and said this. i never used performance enha e enhancing drugs at any time and i never will. i never spoke or met with tony bosch or used substances provided by him. anything said to the contrary is a lie. lot of performance enhancing drugs in the news. i do definitely believe gio this one. that will do it from here at the superdome. more for you coming
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
this is pretty interesting. tightrope walker nik wallenda. embarking on another high wire tightrope stretched 200 pete in the air up over a highway in sarasota, florida. he did it without using safety net or harness or anything.
6:57 pm
wallenda made it across just fine. you can hear the crowd went wild. good stuff. one more check on the weather, promenade lou the -- through the springtime garden. >> temperature in practice in the 70s. that's where we were, too. again tomorrow. 74 degrees tomorrow with a chance of strong thunderstorms late tomorrow evening. then very windy, cold on thursday. high of 45. 30s on provide. and saturday. then we stay chilly right on lou early -- through early next week. how much would you pay for a nick it? one is going on the auction block in april that's expected to sell for at least $2 million. 1913 liberty nichk nickel. there were not supposed any liberty heads in 1913. that's the year the buffalo head nickel came out. we all know that one. at the end of 1912, a guy in
6:58 pm
philadelphia mint warehouse illegally produced fi ed five l heads. his story is believed he waited until the statue of limitations passed and then sold
6:59 pm

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